SHERLOCK: Interactive Adventure 


Our project offers a unique perspective on a classic story The Red-Headed League by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle­. 

Thirst for knowledge, thrill of evidence collection, 3D animated images and the desire to jump right into the story – these are the major driving forces of our interactive book.

 In our Red-Headed League world, the lines that are dear to many a reader become enhanced by real-life locations, leading and supporting characters, sounds of horse-drawn buses, squeaks, rattles and wind noises, background music for each scene, various factoids – both trivial and essential – about the capital city on the Thames, dozens of items, and a detailed map of London. The streets of London and interiors have been recreated with great care, based on original paintings and photographs. 


While working on The Red-Headed League project, we aimed for historical accuracy, so that even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of the Victorian Age could have an authentic experience.

As the readers follow the storyline through more than 30 scenes, each coming with 3D animated artworks and video inserts, they plunge deeper and deeper into it, and, in some cases, obtain an opportunity to directly interact with it, while going along the line of Conan Doyle’s intention.